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Read Online Feminism in the Worlds of Neil Gaiman PDF Books


English - 298 pages - ISBN-10: 1476600929 - ISBN-13: 9781476600925

5/5 by 55 votes

This collection of new essays looks carefully at the broad spectrum of Neil Gaiman’s work and how he interacts with feminism. Sixteen diverse essays from Gaiman scholars examine highlights from Gaiman’s graphic novels, short stories, novels, poems and screenplays, and confront the difficult issues he raises, including femininity, the male gaze, issues of age discrimination, rape, and feminine agency. Altogether the essays probe the difficult and complex representation of women and issues of femininity in the worlds of Neil Gaiman.



Ben Simpson

Very good book...U will get to understand him so much better.

Kelly Cunningham

Exciting to read and hard to put down

Michelle Mercado

Enjoyed the whole book can't wait to read the whole series.

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