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Read Online Beyond the Model T PDF Books

Wayne State University Press

English - 236 pages - ISBN-10: 9780814326824 - ISBN-13: 081432682X

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With over 200 photographs chosen from thousands in the collection of Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, Beyond the Model T gives attention to Henry Ford's numerous ventures outside of the auto industry. This revised edition, with 26 additional photographs and two new chapters, completes the portrait of Ford's life, givingdepth to a man previously known only for the Model T. Through vivid photographs and narration, Ford's boundless energy andvision are revealed.An enthusiastic and courageous entrepreneur, Henry Ford used profits from the Model T to launch projects in a multitude of areas, from education to rubber production. Ford R. Bryan presents an unknown Henry Ford, focusing on his experimental humanitarian and business enterprises- including those that failed. New to this edition are chronicles of factory and general hospitals, nursing schools and services,health clinics, and a research institute established by Henry Ford, and the more than a dozen commissaries Ford operated, selling a wide assortment of items to Ford employees and their families from pillow cases to children's shoes. These accounts give testimony to Ford's investment in the well-being of the working class, a category in which he included himself despite his wealth, and disclose his dreams for a country uponwhich he undeniably left his mark.



Ryan Tremblay

Very good book...U will get to understand him so much better.

Zoey Mercado

Exciting to read and hard to put down

Michelle Simpson

Good book

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